About Us

We offer you the best in website design, internet advertising, and social media management. We too are business owners, Walker Grant and Arla Chandler, we wrote and designed this website with the goals of business owners in mind.

We are partnered to deliver creative and strategic website design along with social media management.

We also share combined business owner experience of over 20 years providing coaching and direction for a smart business foundation. We know how important partnering with someone who understands business ownership really means. We think like you…we think like owners.

“We focus on your big picture with a smart eye on the fine details.”       –   Arla Chandler

We value the importance of building on a budget. Each business needs a unique strategy. Individual businesses need specific budgeting and growth factors. Internet awareness is rapidly changing requiring more than one marketing platform.

We help you design the first impression for your business online and help you create an online marketing strategy. An online social media strategy goes hand in hand with building your brand.

All of our consultations are complimentary.  The goals of our first meeting are to:

  • Understand your mission
  • Understand your goals and objectives
  • Explore opportunities to improve your existing online presence

Partner with Smart Innovations to help design and develop a strategy best suited to meet your individual business needs.  Visit our Blog to learn more tips we can share from our experience as business owners.