Internet Advertising

Is your business getting noticed in the world wide web of competition?

Our digital specialist, Arla Chandler earned her undergraduate (BSN) and graduate degree (MBA) from Waynesburg University in Pennsylvania. She is a respected business leader and social media manager specializing primarily in healthcare but also applies fundamental knowledge to all aspects of a business.

Recently Arla earned the “Social for Healthcare Certification from Mayo Clinic and Hootsuite”. (June 2018) Additionally, she possesses multiple certificates in continuing education for Google advertising and Search Engine Optimization.  Arla applies this knowledge while leading successful Google Ad, Social Media advertising, and SEO campaigns for multiple industries.  She also offers a complementary Technical SEO Site Audit to new clients.

When you own a business there are various ways to advertise, especially when it comes to internet advertising. Creating a customized marketing strategy is extremely important to the success of your digital advertising campaigns. Below are a few examples of various forms of internet advertising. Give us a call to get started on your customized social media campaign today.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is the most well-known form of paid advertising. With PPC, you are able to have your ads displayed at the top and the sides of search engine pages such as Google. Adwords management can be complex and end up costing a lot of money if you are not familiar with how it works. Smart Innovations has the experience and education to implement a successful digital advertising campaign for your business

Sponsored ads with keyword planning can position your business to the very top of a google search. PPC campaigns are highly efficient and a targetable marketing strategy. You define the budget and we work directly with Google in creating and managing your ad campaign. Pay-per-click campaigns apply to web and video content.

While your new website is being recognized and competing for search rank, a pay-per-click campaign can help your business get noticed. A pay-per-click campaign uses keywords relative to your business to display your website when a consumer performs a Google search. If a consumer were to search, “best upholsters in my area”, the established businesses would probably rank before your business while your organic traffic is being established. The keywords in your campaign would include “best upholsters”, “upholsters”, “refurbish furniture”, and such. We would utilize a keyword planner to ensure your keywords are most used. Your campaign is only charged per click if someone actually “clicks” on the ad. We would create a simple ad to be served with the website to catch the consumers attention above the other rankings. Another analytical tool to use is a specific phone number tied only to your online traffic. The numbers, while different from your main business number, will ring directly into your business; however, the analytics of that call are transparent. This is a great method to determine the ROI of an advertising campaign.

PPC Campaigns give you control of your budget, your target audience, and daily analytics of your return.

Competition for visibility can be fierce, partnering with Smart Innovations can return greater profitability, raise brand awareness, and strategically make your customized digital advertising campaign a success.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another free method of advertising. However, for email marketing to be successful you have to establish an email list of individuals who are interested in your business.  Start the process by collecting emails from your customers with their permission.  Once an audience is generated as little as a monthly message would be appropriate to keep your brand in front of your customer.

We recommend using a service such as Constant Contact so you will get the analytics to go along with your efforts.

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Partnering with Smart Innovations on an email campaign will be sure to keep business coming in the door.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is a method of image-based advertising rather than text-based digital ads. Banner advertising is also known as display advertising.  Banner ads are created to catch the eye of your consumer enticing them to click through to your website.

Implementing banner advertising as part of your customized online marketing strategy creates:

  • brand awareness
  • generates leads
  • utilizes retargeting

As part of your online customized marketing strategy, we will research and recommend placement of your digital banner ads on websites that are related to your industry’s niche.

This is a common example of what you may recognize as a banner ad.  Once clicked upon your consumer will be redirected to your business website and to any area you choose on the internet.  Banner ads are trackable and easily analyzed.