Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is more than just a mark or a name. It is the promise of an experience; it is your reputation, and it’s an expectation held by your clients. A strong brand always holds up to the expectation.  Your target audiences determine the value of that brand – and if the brand doesn’t resonate with them, it will not hold value over time.

The Smart Innovations branding process increases your company’s success by enhancing the authenticity and consistency of the brand. We help clients identify and refine brand messaging, leverage brand value in business development, and create strategies for reputation management and integrating the brand across various media.

Corporate Branding Services

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo and Visual Identity
  • Slogans & Taglines
  • Printed Material Design
  • Digital Material Design
  • Communication Strategy

Below are a few examples where we updated an existing logo to meet social media requirements.  This is a simple fix and a necessity to maintain your corporate image on social media.

Smart Innovations social media logo
House and Home Real Estate
Jackson Surgery Center