2020 Update from Arla Chandler

A Smart Digital Message from Your Advertising Team

Dear Valued Clients,

  We hope this message finds you well. Since the Pandemic social media use is up 78%.  We have noticed Algorithm changes on Facebook; however, they do not come out and tell you what they changed. We rely on our analytical abilities and adjust accordingly.   Many accounts have noticed a decline in website traffic and/or social media reach. We attribute that to people not being at work and hope to see a spike in engagement soon. 

I wanted to share an explanation of terms with you to refresh your memory about our main measurements on social media.

Reach, Impressions, and Clicks

Reach is how many unique people saw your ad.

Impressions are how many times your ad was seen in total.

Clicks are how many times your ad was clicked on.

All of these metrics boil down to Engagement. While likes and follows seem appealing we really want to measure that your messaging is getting thru and absorbed.

New statistics that I found interesting from Facebook as follows:

In the US Only Facebook users consist of 150 million to 200 million people.


55% Women  45% Men

Age Groups

25% 25-34

19.5% 35-44

16% 45-54

15% 55-64

12% 65+

Social Status and Education 

52% Married

61% College Educated


25% Administrative Services

23% Sales

19% Management

18% Production

14% Healthcare and Medical Services


65% of users are on mobile

47% use Apple products

A few interesting top pages by Category:

Beverage Coca Cola

Non Profit National Rifle Association of America

Home Improvement Store Lowe’s

Italian Restaurant Olive Garden

Cruise Line Carnival

Broadcasting Company NPR

Social media posting and advertising is still a very good method of connecting with your potential customers. I am anticipating as interest continues advertising budgets will need to reflect an increase to reach more users.

Currently, the Alabama Demographic Market Area is host to 3.8 Million Facebook Users. The population of Alabama is 4.9 million people! 

Montgomery DMA with a 50 mile radius is host to 560,000 Facebook Users

A daily ad spend of $10/a day will reach an average of 1705 users a day.  

We will continue to post and create ads with your target audience in mind. 

This year at Smart Innovations we have expanded our services to not only include Brand Strategy and Design, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization but also now expanding:

Google Ads, Amazon Store Management, and E Mail Marketing. 

My focus is always on client satisfaction and excellent communication. I hope you have been pleased with our services and should you need a brand refresh or would like to expand services, I am just a phone call away.

Stay Safe and Thank You Always for Your Business,

Arla Chandler