2019 Facebook Marketing Wrap Up and What’s Next

I am entering my 15th year of marketing on the Facebook platform. My business has evolved from creating text-only posts to text and photos to videos to less than 15-second videos, and the ever-changing dynamic of ADS! Facebook is a platform to help your brand promote and share what value it can add to a consumer AND assist in your customer support. According to the latest Facebook polls, two-thirds of Americans in the US report they are using Facebook and 74 percent say they use it daily. If your business doesn’t have a social media marketing strategy, stop reading and reach out to me now! 

Where are we navigating? 

Facebook algorithm changes have deprioritized business pages and their ad spends in 2019, I can see it in our insights and graph trends. The push to create catchy headlines and eye-grabbing photos, all without being perceived as clickbait, has become an art of social media marketers and content creators. In my business, I prioritize the measurement and understanding of analytics to my marketing managers but, what does that mean? 

Social Media is a practice, not a theory. Social media marketing is an art and you need to know how to evaluate your numbers to understand what is resonating with your audience. Let’s take for example one particular ad that is just rocking the engagement scene, how would I know not to create a new ad in its place unless I evaluated the performance weekly at a minimum. (I admit, I look daily but also am wise enough to know that is not enough time to make a sound performance judgment) We must give the paid content time to optimize and serve before we decide to adjust an ad. This particular ad is for a medical provider and so far has had a 13.65% engagement rate in just 30 days. Why would I kill that ad and not re-up the budget each month? Social Media expert Rachel Pederson admits letting one particular ad run for 2 years now….because it is converting. 

Knowing what content received your top engagement will allow you to understand what is resonating with your audience and serve up more!  

Predictions for 2020…

In addition to continued use of my proven strategies, my 2020 social media plans will begin to include the engagement of Facebook Messenger Bots and using live video to increase engagement. Cinemagraphs are becoming more popular for capturing the attention of your audience. Cinemagraphs are still photos where a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming a video clip. Cinemagraphs tell your story and perform very well in digital advertising and social media. I am using my own business as a test in the market. Creating a Facebook messenger bot is not as complicated as it may sound. In my opinion, the ability to target your audience by interests, demographics, location, employment, and behaviors is the biggest advantage over print media to date. Knowing your website analytics in combination with the ability to specifically target content to your audience makes better sense to your ad dollars and overall budget. The days of casting a large non-trackable ROI net are long gone.  

I am exclusively a digital marketing company. Along with myself, my team of experts and partners have over 20 years of experience in the marketing arena. My services include branding strategy, website design, search engine optimization, internet marketing, content creation, and social media management. I have a track record of proven results and can start working with you to develop a Smart 2020 Digital Marketing Strategy today. Message me via my chatbot!