How Does SEO Help Small Businesses?

You hear the term SEO all the time but what does it really mean and how can it be helpful?

Whether you’re a small business, a start-up business, or a large business, SEO really does make a difference.

But exactly how does SEO help small businesses? Check out these reasons below!

What Exactly is SEO

SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization. Basically, your goal is to do things for your business that will make it more visible when people search. SEO is meant to help bring your site or your post more traffic that is quality traffic.

SEO is not just about using keywords but also about adding awesome functionality with things like mobile-friendly setup, speed, interaction, and relevant content.

There are best practices for SEO but you also want to make sure you’re serving your customers with the content that you create for SEO purposes.

Now, here’s how SEO can help!

Build a Customer Base

Using SEO and gearing it towards the needs of your customers has the ability to help bring you more customers and build up a foundational customer base as well.

SEO places you in the line of a search so when potential customers search for something specific, they just might find your small business if you’ve approached your SEO properly.

On search engines like Google, people rarely look past that first page of results so if you’re able to rank on the first page, this could make a huge difference.

When you use SEO, you rank based on specific elements and searchable terms so you can use that to help build up customers and attract new customers as well.

Stay Informed

If you want to be on the top, you’ve got to stay up to date on what will put you there. So if you always plan to use SEO then it will be absolutely important for you to stay in the know.

Using SEO will force you to stay in the know, which leads to you always learning how you can improve and always being up to date on trends and changes that will help keep you on the top.

This could take some work along the way but it will be beneficial to your business when you use what you learn!


While there may be some cost to really getting your SEO on track, it doesn’t have to be super expensive. Implementing SEO practices can be affordable if you need it to be.

There are all sorts of platforms and specialists out there that can help you. Their rates will vary but you can also create a role in your business to handle those elements or even tackle it on your own if you’re willing to do the research and put in the effort.

Tracking and Improving

SEO can be tracked. You can track how things are working for you and gauge whether what you’re doing is really working or not. You can monitor things like views and traffic. You can also track sales and new customers. Many websites will have tracking capabilities in them or you can use software as well.