Web Developer vs. Web Designer

Web developers and web designers often get morphed into one job category and people do not understand the difference. The two jobs are best described by using the “left brain/right brain” description. Left-brain workers are thought of as web developers because the skills they showcase are logic, mathematics, science skills, lists and language. Web designers, on the other hand, are called right-brain workers because they have spatial awareness, creativity, dimension, and imagination.

In terms of income, web developer’s median salary is around $85,430 with about 1,330,000 jobs available; web designers median income is about $47,830 with about 200,500 jobs available. The difference in money is developers have to be fluent in different languages of code to keep a website functioning. A designer can make a site look wonderful, but if it is not functioning or loading correctly- companies will switch to another site quickly. However, web designers have to be so creative and put so much work into sites that a pay raise is much more likely than it is for developers.

At the end of the day, web developers and web designers are two different jobs working towards one goal- create a website (or app) that lures people to use it.